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Humanified is a fun and easy way to change the world.

Users can make this change happen by completing social impact challenges and supporting (or getting involved in) causes nearby, while broadcasting their experience to the world.

In an already challenging world, you can make change happen.

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Like tinder,
but for goodness

Challenges are the game of Humanified; they break down categorized good deeds (Animals, Bullying, Health, etc.) into 4-step plans, to make them easily completable and shareable. From there, just follow each step and complete the challenge. And BOOM. However small, you’ve made an impact on the world.

Want to accept a challenge, or save one for later? It’s as easy as Up, Left, & Right. Swipe Left to pass, Up to save for later, and Right to begin!

You can bet Ghandi would have wished he’d had a smartphone.

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Post your cause

Ever wanted to be a superhero? Now’s your chance. The Cause Finder is a “real-time” map of all causes trending in your area the second they happen. Cool, right?

Causes are events posted by nonprofits, individuals, and whoever else! There to bring users closer to the good in their community: the soup kitchen that needs volunteers, the oil spill that needs urgent assistance, the homeless man nearby—you’ll see it all.

And better yet, you can go out and change it.

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Thread of change

Seeing is believing. Good deeds need their moment to shine. Any content created with Humanified will end up here. See the world change right before your eyes.

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