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Advocate for causes that are important for you.
Take action and make real change in the world.
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Humanified helps
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create causesfind supporterstake actionhelping others made simplecreate causesfind supporterstake actionhelping others made simplecreate causesfind supporterstake actionhelping others made simplecreate causes

The powerof change inyour hands

Helping people move from awareness to action

Use the “Discover” section to find new places to volunteer, or to make new connections with like-minded advocates.“Cause Groups” allow you to meet and chat directly with those who share your passions.Donate to verified organizations quickly and simply, all with a tap.Create a “Cause” page, post and share content, and engage with people and ideas that support what you care about.
Since 2017Our Story


Marla Gonzalez (CEO & founder) faced herself a personal situation that left her feeling hopeless. This inspired Marla to use her knowledge in tech and marketing to develop something new that would prevent others from going through the same situation as her: a digital platform focused on social impact.

Beta Stage

After the first Beta stage of the app, Marla’s son Noah was diagnosed with autism, which led Marla to pause the development of Humanified and put a pin on the project.


Then 2020 and COVID came along and something was obvious for Marla: we were still in need of something like Humanified. The project was picked back up again and after a new round of development, the app is ready to change the way we use social apps, simplifying digital activism as we know it.

Our Senior team& Advisor Board

A hands-on talented team of designers,creatives, and strategists

Founder & CEO

Marla González picture

Marla González

A communicator, brand builder, and special needs mother, Marla González is the heart and mind behind Humanified. She created the app when she saw the need for a platform that makes it easier to make change in our world.

Advisor Board

Lindsay Kaplan picture

Lindsay Kaplan

Co-Founder of Chief

Alison Wyatt picture

Alison Wyatt

Angel Investor Former President, Girlboss

Joel Montaniel picture

Joel Montaniel

Technology Executive, Advisor CEO + Co-Founder, Sevenrooms

Steve Lubin picture

Steve Lubin

Technology Executive (Multiple Exits) Venture Capitalist


Guillerme Birk

Technology Director (Mobile)

Avaz Bokiev

Technology Director (WEBAPP)

Khurram Ali

Lead Full stack Developer

Himalaya Ahuja

Lead Back-End Developer

Steve Quezada

Full stack Developer

Wistre Pulido

Full stack Developer

Rafael Guevara

QA Developer


Nestor Cartaya

Product Director

Natalia Cacheiro

Product Design Director

Francia Vallasciani

Product Designer

Yan Carlos Colon

Cmty & Cust Experience Director

Kike Sanchez

Senior Content Manager

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