Are you a company looking to increase your charitable visibility and outreach? Companies can create and sponsor their own challenges, and pledge tax-deductible funds for users to earn by completing them. In return? The company will receive positive brand awareness, as well as a dynamic network of brand ambassadors campaigning for awesome causes in their name, and unlimited potential for social media virality.

How great would it be to have your name attached to the next Ice Bucket Challenge?



Are you a nonprofit looking to better interact with your community? Recruit volunteers? Promote an upcoming event? Make money for your cause?

Let’s talk money first. Nonprofits can partner with Humanified to earn real cash money, donated by companies and organizations, and earned by users completing challenges.

Nonprofits can also use the Cause Finder to post their own causes to every user in their area. With Humanified, nonprofits can communicate their message and needs to every user in the area via the geo-locating Cause Finder. This way, they can not only learn more about your nonprofit, but keep updated as to how they can help. Even if it’s days or weeks in advance, users will be able to add the cause to their profile’s calendar and be reminded of it as it gets closer to the date.